Kidney cancer: cryotherapy rather than ablation

A crew at Rangueil University Hospital in Toulouse has successfully treated by percutaneous cryotherapy five persons with advancced kidney cancer. This new and soft technique eliminates diseased tissue by applying extreme cold to the tumor.

After the one in Strasbourg where 20 operations have already been performed, the University Hospital of Toulouse is among the first centers to have this technique of cryotherapy, whose principal advantage is to detour the use of kidney removal. Thus the renal function is then kept.

From the 1970s, the incidence of kidney cancer has been raising. Currently, in France, 8,500 new cases are discovered each year.

While the reference treatment was, until today, the full removal of the tumor-bearing kidney, the evolution of new methods can improve patient survival and save the kidneys. This is specifically the case of limited nephrectomy (partial removal of the kidney) or lumpectomy (removal of the single tumor).

As for cryotherapy, "it is a check here real added value in the administration of clients with renal tumors," said Toulouse Hospitals. The intervention is less traumatic, the follow-up simpler and the duration of hospitalization shorter.


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